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January 2016


Dear Customers, Business Partners and Friends!

I wish you, your families and your staff a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016 and I certainly do hope that it will bring piece to the Middle East and to the world.

Today I want to draw your attention to our wide range of machines and equipment for piling projects which can be divided into two main categories:
1. Vibratory pile driving used for sheet piles, H-beams and steel casings in average soil conditions.
2. Impact pile driving, mainly used for precast concrete piles, large steel pipe piles or in hard soil.

Hoping that you will make use of our service soon I remain

Truly yours,

Karl H. Pacik

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Hydraulic add-on vibrators or excavator attachments are the most economical way to convert a standard hydraulic excavator into a piling rig for driving and extracting sheet piles, H-beams and small pipe piles.
Our ABI vibrators of the HVR-series are available with a centrifugal force from 300-500 kN and with an eccentric moment from 3-10 kgm.
The possible driving length is only limited by the boom/stick configuration of the base machine but can be extended by a gooseneck as shown in the photo at the right side.



Crane suspended vibrators are the universal piling equipment, nearly without any limits concerning pile length, size, weight, shape and reach. Our product line covers standard, high-frequency and variable moment vibrators in single, tandem or quad configuration with a centrifugal force from 27-4946 kN in single unit configuration.
We offer vibrators, clamps and power packs for driving and extracting 6 m long vinyl trench sheets but also to install huge steel casings of 4 m diameter, 60 m length and 90 ton weight. If a pile can be driven or extracted by vibration we can provide the right machine for the job.



No other piling rig is more versatile than our ABI Mobilram with telescopic or fixed leader mast. Different attachments allow to drive and extract sheet piles, beams and casings, predrill hard soil, make small CFA and SDA piles, install wick drains, make gravel and sand piles, soil mixed piles and much more.
The mast folds down for easy transport by only one low bed trailer and adjusts vertical automatically so that accurate piling and drilling can be guaranteed.
Leaders are available from 10-22 m net piling length for even the most demanding applications.



Due to competitive prices, ease of use and maintenance and low cost of ownership the diesel hammer celebrated an unbelievable comeback during recent years.
Whenever you need to drive concrete piles or sheet piles and beams in hard soil or large diameter, long and heavy steel pipe piles (off-shore) our diesel hammers with ram weights from 600-20000 kg are the perfect tool for trouble-free pile installation.
We also provide a wide range of different leaders (hanging, swinging and offshore leads) to fit your crane and our hammers.



Most hydraulic piling rigs with hydraulic or diesel impact hammers are dedicated to drive precast concrete piles but they can be also used to install timber piles, H-beams and pipe piles.
Our Banut-series of piling rigs are available for net pile lengths up to 20 m and can carry impact hammers with a ram weight of up to 6000 kg.
The mast accepts a torque of up to 180 kNm so that also rotary heads can be mounted and operated for very special drilling applications.

Please contact us with all your needs and we will do our very best to assist you.
If you are interested in second hand equipment we invite you to visit our website.

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