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Since we launched the new design of our website a few months ago the number of visitors has more than doubled but we still depend on your feedback to improve our online service. Please do not hesitate to send us your critics and suggestions.

Our partners APE (American Piledriving Equipment) recently broke another world record when driving a huge steel pipe (shell-pile-wall) of 22 m diameter and 49 m length with a total weight of ~544 tons at the Hong Kong to Macao bridge project.

Our customer Prime Piling & Foundations LLC in Abu Dhabi installed more than 12000 specially designed micropiles at the Shams1 Solar Power Plant In Madinat Zayed, the largest parabolic trough power station in the world with a capacity of 100-125 MW.

Presently we are able to offer a number of used crane-suspended hydraulic vibrators from APE. All machines are in excellent condition, checked, serviced and delivered with new paint.

I hope you will enjoy reading and look forward to your feedback.

Very truly yours,

Karl H. Pacik

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The bridge will connect Macao with mainland China and consists of a series of bridge spans and tunnels. Two huge circular earth filled cofferdams each consisting of 67 circular pipes of different diameter and length need to be constructed on both sides as entrance and exit for the tunnels.

Eight model APE Super Kong vibrators have been linked together (called OctaKong) and synchronized to 0,03 of a second, driven by eight 895 kW hydraulic power packs.
After several test drives including pulling out, the first working pile was placed at the East Island and it took only 7.5 minutes to drive this 544 ton monster pile into the seabed.

Most probably you will not need some SuperKong vibrators but this achievement should make you confident of the outstanding technical competence of the APE engineering division and its partners as well as of the quality and the performance of all APE vibrators and equipment. For us no piling job is too small or too large!


With the assistance of our consultant engineer Katzkow & Partners in Vienna we were able to convince Prime Piling & Foundations LLC to use our micropiles consisting of continuous thread bars (galvanized) and reinforcement cages (PVC coated) for the mirror foundation.
More than 12000 piles have been installed by four working groups with crawler drill rigs and grout mixing plants to an accuracy of +/- 2 mm. A series of pile tests (tension, pressure, lateral and integrity) have proven the capacity of these micropiles in difficult, desert sand conditions.
Main contractor: UTE Abener Teyma Emirates I
Consultant: Fichtner Consulting Engineers
Client: Shams Power Company (Masdar, Abengoa Solar & Total S.A.)


Make Model Force
Clamps Hoses
Engine Power
APE 150 907 1 30 CAT 350 2005
APE 150 907 1 30 CAT 350 2006
APE 150* 907 1 30 CAT 350 2006
APE 150T 1067 1 30 CAT 350 2006
APE 150T 1067 1 30 CAT 350 2009
APE 150T 1067 1 30 CAT 350 2010
APE 200 1512 1 45 CAT 580 2006
APE 200 1512 1 45 CAT 580 2007
APE 200 1512 3 45 CAT 630 09/06
APE 300 1842 2 45 CAT 630 2001
APE 200-6 2410 1 45 CAT 560 2009
APE 400 3200 1 45 CAT 990 2006
APE 600 3203 2 45 CAT 990 2009R

All machines are available FCA various APE facilities in the States.
Different sheet pile clamps as well as casing beams and casing clamps are also available.
Used equipment is offered without warranty subject prior sale.
Errors and omissions excepted.

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