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Dear Customers and Business Partners!

Once more we would like to draw your attention to our newly designed website with more content and easier browsing through various sections.

We also updated some of our data sheets showing latest technical specifications of materials, machines and equipment.
Especially the shoring section has been completely redesigned with our cold-rolled trench sheets and light sheet piles, trench boxes and double slide rail systems with 'Rolling Strut'. Please take a few minutes and pay us a visit.

Our multi-purpose piling and drilling rigs type ABI Mobilram are doing a great job by installing sheet piles in Abu Dhabi but these rigs can be also used for:

  • Pre-drilling hard soil to install sheet piles and H-piles in layers with SPT>50.
  • Making CFA bored piles with single or double rotary head.
  • For soil improvement works with single or twin rotary and mixing tools.
  • To install sheet piles vibration-free with our sheet pile press system.
  • And much more.

Presently we are able to offer a number of used Soilmec foundation rigs FCA Dubai. All machines are in very good to excellent condition, mostly with little working hours and ready to bore piles.

I hope you will enjoy reading and look forward to your feedback .

Very truly yours,

Karl H. Pacik

Karl Pacik

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Our 'Rolling Strut' slide rail system is available with single and double slide rails for trench depths up to 7600 mm and plate lengths from 2000 to 6000 mm. The extremely strong slide rails in combination with the 'Rolling Strut' allows a clear head room of up to 3000 mm for installation of large diameter pipes or in-situ concrete culverts.

In combination with corner slide rails the system can be used to support jacking and receiving shafts for micro-tunnelling works.

No other mechanised shoring system offers more flexibility and performance in all soil conditions.



Net working length max 16 m
Base carrier SR35T
Diesel engine type CAT C15
Engine power 403 kW
Service winch 50 kN
Hydraulic vibrator type MRZV 925 V
Centrifugal force 925 kN
Eccentric moment 0-16 kgm
Frequency max 2300 rpm
Hydraulic auger drive MDBA 3500
Operating weight ~52 ton
Driving sheet piles at Sadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi


Model Torque
Rated Power
Operating Weight
Kelly Bar
YOM Working Hours
SR-90 333 400 116 4x13.5 L 2008 915
SR-90 333 400 116 4x13.5 L 2008 886
SR-70 271 330 79 4x13.5 L 2007 2232
SR-60 201 261 63 4x12.0 L 2007 SOLD
R-625 240 300 70 4x13.5 L 2005 8500
R-825 240 330 85 4x13.5 L 2006 7408
R-724 240 330 80 4x13.5 L 2008 1604
R-724 240 330 80 4x13.5 L 2007 2740
SF-50 180 210 63 CFA 2007 2511

All machines are available FCA Dubai.
Used equipment is offered without warranty subject prior sale.
Errors and omissions excepted.

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