Crawler Drill Rigs

12 April 2017
FrasteMito4030002-speed rotary 275-1280 daNm74new2017
InterocAN1204000drifter B1500, rod charger, winch119excellent2012
InterocAN1204000drifter B1500, demo unit119excellent2014
InterocAN1503000double rotary, 2000 h150very good2012
InterocAN1503000double rotary, magazin, pump150very good2013
InterocAN1503000Eurodrill rotary & drifter, 900 h150very good2014
KlemmKR806-33000rotary, drifter & rod crane133serviced1998
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Dear Customers!

Due to great demand and shortage of second hand machines and equipment for piling, drilling and foundation we kindly ask you to call us to reconfirm availability and price. Please also do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for other products which are not listed.