Impact Hammers

06. Mar. 2019
Make Model Ram Weight
Remarks Details
DelmagD8-22800With trip & tool box1989 / 2012R
DelmagD121200Completely overhauled
DelmagD151500Completely overhauled
DelmagD19-321900Completely overhauledS/N623
DelmagD222200Completely overhauled2 units available
DelmagD22-132200Completely overhauledS/N3161
DelmagD303000Completely overhauled3 units available
DelmagD30-133000Completely overhauledS/N7089 & 7126
DelmagD30-523000With trip & tool box2009, hydraulic start
DelmagD36-323600completely overhauledS/N540
DelmagD62-126200Completely overhauledS/N141
DelmagD62-226200Completely overhauledS/N290
DelmagD80-238000Completely overhauled2009, never used


Hydraulic Impact Hammers

06. Mar. 2019
Make Model Ram Weight
Remarks Details
YunttanHHK7A7000Fully servicedWith power pack
YunttanHHK10A10000YOM 1995, servicedWith power pack
YunttanHHK12/1414000YOM 2005, servicedWith power pack
Diesel hammers are complete with fuel pump and tripping device, without leader guides.

Used equipment is offered without warranty subject prior sale.
Please call in case you want further details.
Errors and omissions excepted.


Dear Customers!

Due to great demand and shortage of second hand machines and equipment for piling, drilling and foundation we kindly ask you to call us to reconfirm availability and price. Please also do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for other products which are not listed.

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