Robbins Motorized Small Boring Units (SBU-M)

Technical specifications:
ModelBore øApprox. WeightApprox. LengthPower *
SBU-M 481270103.7125
SBU-M 541420133.7125
SBU-M 601570164.3250
SBU-M 661730164.3250
SBU-M 721880174.6350
SBU-M 782030174.6350
*380/440 V; 3 Phase

The Motorized Small Boring Unit is the optimal choice for longer utility installations (over 100 m) or for crossing with specific line and grade requirements. The SBU-M is an intermittently manned, articulated mixed ground and hard rock boring machine for use with standard Auger Boring Machines (ABMs) or pipe jacking systems. The SBU-M is attached to the lead pipe or casing and uses disc cutters to excavate rock, or a mixture of both disc cutters and soft ground tools for mixed ground. A small invert auger or vacuum system removes spoils from the face. The SBU-M is bolted to the lead casing prior to excavation for shorter starter and exit shafts. An in-shield motor provides torque to the cutterhead, while forward thrust is derived through the casing via the ABM.

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.