Shaft Ring Excavator

Since we know about the deep shaft projects in Abu Dhabi and Kuwait we have been working on a solution to optimise the shaft sinking procedure and to overcome the problems of different soil conditions (from very soft to quite hard) in various depths.

Presently the main problem is to dig right underneath the first shaft ring so that a continuous sinking of the rings is guaranteed.

This is not possible to do from ground level.

We are confident that we have the optimum answer to that problem and we call it 'ring excavator'.

The system consists of following main components:

  • Support ring (a special designed steer ring slightly smaller than the shaft rings) with 4 hydraulic cylinders to lock it at any position within the shaft near the bottom
  • Hydraulic excavator arm which is mounted to the support ring and which can move 360 degrees around the shaft so that it can reach the complete shaft area and also dig right underneath the bottom ring
  • Hydraulic power pack, hoses, controls

The ring excavator is positioned inside the first ring about 1.5 m above the excavation level, excavates the material and loads it into a standard bucket for removal.

The advantages are significant:

  • Cutting underneath the precast concrete ring for controlled shaft sinking
  • The excavator can be equipped with a ripper or even a breaker for hard soil excavation
  • The operator is right on spot, sees what he is doing and sinks down with the shaft
  • Great performance

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.