Horizontal Directional Drilling

Project Name:Crossing the Yangze
Project Date:12th of March, 2002
Project Location:Shanghai - Yangtze River
Project Problem:For twenty-five years experts have been studying this project and had always concluded that crossing the Yangze River using the directional drilling method was "impossible". The long distance, combined with the difficult geology, seemed to rule out directional drilling. Furthermore, there was concern that the number of large ships traveling up and down the river would adversely affect the guidance of the pilot hole bit. As for other methods, experts have ruled out as impractical both laying a pipeline on the river bottom, as it would be susceptible to damage by anchors, or placing a pipeline on a bridge spanning the river. Now, with the technical support of Robbins, Sinopec was willing to reconsider the HDD method for this project.
Project Solution:Before challenging the Yangze River, Robbins dispatched several of their own experts to China as well as a drilling fluid engineer from Baroid Industries. These experts systematically and thoroughly studied the HDD crossing together with the technicians and management of East China Pipeline Construction Co.Ltd.
In the final analysis the HDD method was chosen as the least risky and most cost efficient.
Project Specifications:Sinopec purchased the Robbins HDD model 55030TLMSC directional drill after negotiating with several drill manufacturers in early 2001. The drill has 2447 kN of thrust and pullback and 92 kNm of torque. The rig is configured as a trailer mounted system with the drill located on one trailer and the power unit on second trailer. Along with the rig, Robbins also supplied the down hole tooling, the steering tools, a 1325 l/m mud pump and a containerized control house.

The 55030TLMSC trailer mounted directional drill from our partner company Robbins HDD made history when it completed the first ever crossing under China’s famous Yangze River. The Contractor, East China Pipeline Construction Co. Ltd. of Sinopec, used a Robbins HDD drill rig to complete this 1688 m crossing in record time.

It took just fifteen days to put in the pilot hole, install the washover pipe, back ream twice, and pull in the product line. A petroleum pipeline of 406 mm diameter x 8.7 mm wall, is now in place under the Yangze River at the San Jiang Kou Harbor near Nanjing City.
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