Hydraulic Vibrator Type APE 400 Quard King Kong

Project Name:Great Pile Wall of China
Project Date:21st of January, 2002
Project Location:Shanghai - Yangtze River
Project Problem:For years, the city of Shanghai has been in the process of solidifying itself as the commercial and trade center of China. Shanghai is situated at the mouth of the Yangtze River and the city was looking for a way to solve a problem known to all cities situated at river deltas accross the world. Silt and clay deposits brought downstream by the Yangtze River were in need of constant dredging to allow large cargo and leisure ships to be able to make it to the city of Shanghai. Every time they dredged however, the banks of the river would collapse and the process had to be completed repeatedly.
Project Solution:The Proposal for the problem solution was to drive giant concrete piles along the banks of the river to create giant retaining walls. All other methods used before were highly expensive as well as less efficient.
Pile Specifications:
  • Diameter: 12.20 m
  • Wall thickness: 254 mm
  • Length: 20.70 m
  • Weight: 589700 kg
Our APE Quad Kong hydraulic vibrator drove this huge piles within 5 minutes 12 m into the clay seabed and continued to drive until the caisson was a few feet under water.

After two years technical collaboration between APE and the Design Institue of the 4th Marine Construction Group this problem was solved - economically and efficiently.

Therfore whenever you have a piledriving job, small or very large - contact us and please rest assured that we will find with our capability and experience the technically as well as economically best possible solution.
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