APE Leaders and Spotters

The APE lead is especially designed to be stronger, lighter and more versatile enabling the contractor to handle longer piles with a smaller crane. The lead is capable of handling greater torque; auger drives with up to 102 kNm torque are used successfully with the ST75 leads which weigh only 110 kg per meter. The leads are modularly constructed of high strength A-500 grade tubing with the sections secured by patented high strength cast steel male and female joints. The connectors are attached to the main cords by a full penetration weld. Special tests have shown that the tube will fail before the connector weld. Individual sections connect with four high strength pins machined to closed tolerances, allowing a fast and easy set-up. This flush pin connection leaves a smooth hammer guide track on the main cords.

Main parts of a
conventional, crane boom mounted leader:

  1. Leader
  2. Boom tip connector
  3. Connector sheave
  4. Head block
  5. Hydraulic spotter
  6. Spotter connection

Section moduluscm31852270435892577
Moment of Inertiacm45078098272130114191342
Radius of gyrationcm22.5031.3030.2030.20
Overall widthmm546724724724
Overall depthmm610914914914
Guide rail (width/depth)mm76/10276/102127/127127/127
We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.