Fraste Drill Rigs for Contractors

Crawler widthmm1700-23001600-22002300
Track widthmm400400450
Gradability max.%505050
Travel speedkm/h2.52.12
Diesel engineKubotaCATJohn Deere
ModelV3800-DI-T E38C4.44400cc
Fuel tankl150150220
Oil tankl240310430
Crowd strokemm2500-35001300-38004000-7000
Feed / retraction forcedaNm400070008000
Feed speedm/min354040
Torque max.daNm12801400-23001920
Drill speedrpm1220170-1051100
Double clamp ΓΈmm40-25048-260/60-36060-350
Clamping forcedaN9700230014000
Break out torquedaNm130035005400
Operating weight~kg8100990018500
Transport dimensionsmm5800/1700/23007300/1600/25907460/2300/2800

Fraste crawler drill rigs are the ideal equipment for a wide range of drilling works at civil engineering projects such as anchors, micropiles, grouting and jetgrouting.
The rigs come with a pendulum crawler for maximum manoeuvrability and remote control unit. The applications can be widened by following options (depending on model):

  • Mast extensions
  • Hydraulic rod loader
  • Hydraulic service winch
  • Wire line system
  • Water, foam and triplex pumps
  • High speed rotary for coring
  • Hydraulic drifters
  • Double rotary heads
  • Jetgrouting kit
  • Data recording system
  • Rubber crawler tracks
  • Line lubricator

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.